Hottest Tuff - Hibiscus & Tamarind

Hottest Tuff - Hibiscus & Tamarind

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The hottest of our line of sauces - this beauty brings some heat.

*Note: for anyone who is a “tough guy” hot sauce eater. While this is the hottest of our product line, it is still well within a ‘consumable’ limit of heat. Our focus is on flavor, not intensity*

This sauce is like none you have ever had before. 

Pulling from traditions in Mexican cuisine we have added our favorite, and the always gorgeous (and delicious) Hibiscus flowers to this ferment. Couple that floral blast with the saturated earthy tones of tamarind and you have a unique hot sauce experience.

Mareina is unconventionally beautiful; with her square jaw line, small button nose & eyes that alluring, challenging and dangerous. She carries an anchor with her wherever she goes. It is her weapon, as well as her rescue device. Her laugh is deep and sincere, though it is rare to hear her laugh out loud.

Mareina craves freedom and adventure that the sea provides and as such embodies the very spirit of the powerful ocean, as she has the ability to be both gentle and intense. She is flirtatious, magnanimous and instantly attractive to anyone who meets her. 

She presents us with Hottest Tuff. A sauce that is hot, bold and not for the feint of heart. Use it in cocktails, BBQ or for a “Tuff enough” hot sauce competition.

Feature peppers:

Rocoto (Peru), Chile Piquin (Mexico), Guajillo (Mexico)

Flavor profile:

Hibiscus flower & tamarind