About Us

Tofino Hot Sauce Co. became a concept in 2018 and was put into motion to become a specialty food provider in 2020.  Why not launch a new business and company during one of the wildest global experiences for generations. 

Momentum is momentum - where ever it comes from - and now launching June 2021 is Tofino Hot Sauce Company's first line of hot sauces. 

Hot Tuff - entry level lime & cilantro sauce. The "every day - every meal" sauce

Hotter Tuff - our sweet with heat  sauce flavored with mango and brightened with fresh turmeric. This sauce will take you to the tropics with every bite. 

Hottest Tuff - our hottest sauce. This sauce is for the adventurous soul. Uniquely flavored with tamarind, hibiscus flowers and warmed up with Peruvian Rocoto peppers, this sauce has a beautiful floral, earthy heat you've never experienced before.

Our goal is to be able to leverage this company to create chile farming cooperatives in the countries and locations where we source our peppers. Through this Cooperative we hope to bring education, employment and sustainable, ecological economic opportunities to the people we work with.