Hotter Tuff - Mango & Turmeric

Hotter Tuff - Mango & Turmeric

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Stepping up the heat - and adding some sweet! 

This delicious sauce flavored with mango and turmeric root enlivens the heat profiles of the feature pepper mix. 

Here we meet, Maïread.  She is a ‘classic’ beauty, with wild exciting eyes and a slightly upturned nose. She is the life of any group, full of chatter & loves big group gatherings. Maïread cares deeply about her animal friends and loves to splash and play with the dolphins, whales, tortoises and seals or sea-lions. Keeping them safe from oceanic plastics is her main focus.  She is a wonderful cook a with a rebellious streak, who loves to make dishes that help you feel alive.

She presents us with the Hotter Tuff sauce that is zesty, full bodied, and a well balanced sweet with heat sauce.  This sauce is a trip to the tropics and is great on crispy fried cauli-wings! 

Featured peppers:

Yellow/orange habañero (Mexico); Aji Amarillo (Peru), Chile de Árbol (Mexico)

Flavor profile:

Mango & turmeric