Hot Tuff - Lime & Cilantro

Hot Tuff - Lime & Cilantro

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The original. Where it all began for us - and where it all begins for you.

The first of our line of sauces; the lowest in the heat profile.

Meet Mazu -  a very beautiful mermaid with sparkly green eyes & enchanting giggle. She is pleasant & quiet but is also quite coy and has a terribly mischievous streak. She often gets away with her pranks because her pranks often result miraculous interventions of guardianship for those travelling the seas. 

Mazu is super easy-going, loves to laugh, and play among the kelp beds with the tides. She therefore presents us with the Hot Tuff sauce carrying flavours of lime and cilantro. Use it liberally on anything and everything. 

This bright and fresh lime & cilantro hot sauce is your every day, in every way, type of sauce

Feature peppers:

Jalapeño, Poblano & Anaheim 

Flavour profile: 

Lime & cilantro