The Mermaids pt 2.

The Mermaids pt 2.

Some legends say mermaids are temptresses of the sea, a bad omen; a sign a sailors boat was going under. In other myths they believe mermaids are guardians - there for your protection & guidance.

Perhaps it could be that like people, mermaids have good days and bad days. Things they like, love or obsess over. Personalities - unique to each one - much like our hot sauces.

Our mermaids were born to tell the story of Tofino Hot Sauce. To grow the sauce from a product to an experience

Learn about our flavour-forward line of sauces through the tales and adventures of our acquired sisters - Mazu (MA-zu), Maïread (May-red), Mareina (Ma-rey-na).  
Each, like their Tofino Hot Tuff sauce, has their own unique personality.


First, let's meet Mazu

Mazu is a beautiful mermaid with sparkly green eyes and enchanting giggle. She is pleasant & easy-going but is quite coy and has a terrible mischievous streak.
She often gets away with her pranks because of her kind heart and twinkling eyes. Her pranks often result in miraculous interventions of guardianship for those travelling the seas. 

Mazu is well educated on the ancient healing provided from the kelps and seaweeds and is always there to relax & smile with.

The first of our product line is Hot Tuff.

Like Mazu this is an easy-going sauce with a fun mischievous streak.
Hot Tuffs heat profile is a sharp spike [in heat sensation] and then a quick fade into the bright flavours of lime & cilantro. 

Use it liberally! This is your every day & every way sauce.

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