The Sirens Story

Some legends say mermaids are temptresses of the sea, a bad omen; a sign a sailors boat was going under. In other myths they believe mermaids are guardians - there for your protection & guidance.

Perhaps it could be that like people, mermaids have good days and bad days. Things they like, love or obsess over. Personalities - unique to each one - much like our hot sauces.

Our mermaids were born to tell the story of Tofino Hot Sauce. To grow the sauce from a product to an experience

Learn about our flavour-forward line of sauces through the tales and adventures of our acquired sisters - Mazu (MA-zu), Maïread (May-red), Mareina (Ma-rey-na). 


These Mer creatures are intelligent and caring beings who are very well travelled. They are deeply committed to helping sea animals and they seem to have a hard boundless amounts of energy to tidy up the Oceans from plastic & other pollution.

Each of these mermaids claim no heredity for they are children of the sea and the sea has no borders or boundaries. Their hearts and minds are connected but they are controlled by a strong sense of morality and justice. Each, like their Tofino Hot Tuff sauce, has their own unique personality.

Mazu is a beautiful mermaid with sparkly green eyes and enchanting giggle. She is pleasant & easy-going but is quite coy and has a terrible mischievous streak.
She often gets away with her pranks because of her kind heart and twinkling eyes. Her pranks often result in miraculous interventions of guardianship for those travelling the seas. 

Mazu is well educated on the ancient healing provided from the kelps and seaweeds and is always there to relax & smile with.

The first of our product line is Hot Tuff.

Like Mazu this is an easy-going sauce with a fun mischievous streak.
Hot Tuffs heat profile is a sharp spike [in heat sensation] and then a quick fade into the bright flavours of lime & cilantro. 

Use it liberally! This is your every day & every way sauce.

Maïread interacts with the world through her feelings and her intuition. She does everything with her whole heart — she doesn’t know any other way! She is a ‘classic’ beauty, with wild exciting eyes and a slightly upturned nose. She is the life of any group, full of chatter, stories and loves big group gatherings.

Maïread cares deeply about her animal friends. She loves to splash around with the dolphins, whales, tortoises and seals or sea-lions. She is obsessed with the number 13, believing heavily in its auspicious heritage. She is a wonderful cook, loving to cook & create foods to share with others.

Her rebellious streak, penchant for excitement and boundless amounts of energy is intoxicating. Maïread loves to helps make you feel alive.

The second product in our line is Hotter Tuff.
A sauce that is zesty, full bodied and well balanced. This exciting sauce has some sweet and brings the heat with earthy notes from turmeric root and tropical notes of mango.

Use this sauce on sunny patios, when you’re road tripping or beach cleaning with friends or want to feel excited about life.

Mareina is unconventionally beautiful.  Her face has a square jaw line, with a small button nose. Her eyes are alluring, challenging and dangerous. She carries an anchor with her whenever she goes places. It is her weapon, as well as her rescue device. Her laugh is deep and sincere, though it is rare to hear her laugh out loud as she often is just smirking with pleasure at the enjoyments and excitement around her.

Mareina craves the freedom, opportunity & adventure the sea provides. She embodies the very Spirit & power of the Ocean; coming and going as she pleases.  Like the Ocean, she has the ability to be both gentle and intense. Mareina can be headstrong and holds steadfastly to her values and will not compromise. 
She is flirtatious and magnanimous; instantly attractive to anyone who meets her.

She presents us with Hottest Tuff - a sauce that is for the adventure seeking soul.
Use it when you’re feeling bold, or needing a boost in your boldness! Take a shot right before you need to perform under pressure - summon your inner Queen/King.