The Story

These three Mer creatures are intelligent and caring beings who are very well travelled. They are more than friends ; they are acquired sisters. Mazu has two tattoos, both flowers one an orangish yellow and the other red while Maïread’s are green and red.  Mareina - like the other mermaids has two tattoos in the colors of the other mermaids.These markings signify a binding, loving, relationship. They develop when a mermaid has travelled and experienced life with another mermaid and they feel bound together. These markings, once developed, also serve as a beacon to communicate by sending emotional signals to the other mermaid. 
These wonderful mermaids are deeply committed and focussed on saving sea animals and they seem to have a hard boundless amounts of energy to devote to help save their sea friends from plastic pollution and to tidy up the Oceans from fishing ghost nets.  Their goal is to spread as much love throughout the world as they possibly can.

Each of these mermaids claim no heredity for they are children of the sea and the sea has no borders or boundaries. Their hearts and minds are connected but they are controlled by a strong sense of morality and justice. Each, like their Tofino Hot Tuff sauce, has their own unique personality.